A special thank you to the following people whose generous donations provided the seed money that helped launch this unique community project.

George and Shirley Archer
Balloons Fantastique
Barbara Barnes
George and Adair Bean
Bess and H.D. Biddle
John and Catherine Blomdell
Elizabeth Anne Booth
Linda and Chad Bradford
Danny and DeeDee Byrne
Bill and Virginia Campbell
Fred and Marilyn Cantu
Michelle Coleman-Johnson
Clarke Gillespie and Rosemary Conaway
Diana Cunningham
Cathy Cinati and Jack Davenport
Joe and Mary Dulle
Kathy Flories
Robert and Jennifer Folzenlogen
Suzanne Frossard
Chess, Robin and Ryon Fulton
Matt and Dena Goetz
Grant Engineering
Bill and Lisa Guthrie
Carol Harrell
Mary Lou Hart
R.E. Haubold
Patrick and Gabrielle Hebrard-Bopp
Tina Hibbett
Nancy and Charles Hooper
Stuart and Rebecca Isgur
Mrs. Irvin Jarrell, Jr.
Anna Jones
Billie and Pat Kinlough
Jack, Nancy, Benjamin and Marguerite Larson
Martha Leary
Damian Leonard
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Leubbehusen
Jim Marshall
J. Allan McLean
David and Rebecca Meriwether
David and Susan Pels
Elizabeth and Cecil Polk
Joseph Postnikoff
Virgie and Betty Spiers
Pamela Smith
TCU Bookstore
Mark and Randi Thistlethwaite
Scott Turner
Warren and Amy Russell
Holly and Chris Shipman
Scott and Karen Steffler
Richard and Mandy Sullivan
Elayne Walters
Stephen and Mary Weiss
Sonia and Fred Williams
Mary McLean Wilson
George and Andrea Zeiner

Major Donors

Fort Worth Parks & Recreation Department

Ben E. Keith Company

William and Elizabeth Moncrief Foundation

XTO Energy

Fort Worth Energy



Tillery Park BUILD WEEK is October 10-14, 2007!